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Study in France

  • Presently, over 6,000 students from India have chosen France as their academic destination.
  • With a targeted goal of welcoming 20,000 Indian students by 2025, the French government envisions an excellent opportunity for cross-cultural exchange.
  • France provides avenues for diverse pursuits, including learning a second language, engaging in pioneering research, and more. Acknowledging the potential financial challenges associated with studying abroad, securing an education loan can be a valuable resource to ensure a stress-free learning experience.
  • We will delve into the available education loan options tailored for those aspiring to study in France.

Why to choose France ?

  • Enrolling in France for your studies offers numerous advantages, including access to accredited research laboratories, experienced professors dedicated to enhancing your academic success, and institutions globally recognized for their outstanding learning capabilities and infrastructure.
  • Paris, France's premier education destination, serves as a hub for innovation, tech start-ups, and Europe's forward-thinking entrepreneurs leading ventures to address the world's significant challenges.
  • Additionally, France provides an exceptional multicultural study experience, bringing together students from various parts of the world.

Benefits of Studying in France

  • A legacy of 64 Nobel Laureates and 15 Fields Medals.
  • Post-study work visa extended up to 2 years (post Masters’ degree).
  • France boasts 3,500 higher education institutions.
  • Four French universities rank in the top 100 globally (QS World Rankings 2023).
  • Affordable tuition fees and living expenses.
  • French, a widely spoken language globally.
  • Paris ranks among the top 10 student cities worldwide.
  • French public institutes and the French Foreign Ministry offer numerous scholarships to international students.

Top Courses to Study in the France

  • Business & Management
  • IT & Engineering
  • Law & Teaching
  • Sciences
  • Art & Design

Cost of Living and Studying in the France

  • The cost of education and living in the France is influenced by the university and program you choose. Here's a breakdown of the yearly fees for studying in the France and estimated monthly expenses:

Yearly Fees for Studying in The France
Courses Cost
Bachelor's €16,800
Masters €13,000- €21,750

Monthly Expenses of Staying in The France
Living Expenses Cost
Accommodation €400 - €800
Food €200 - €400
Transportation €20 - €70
Utilities €100 - €200
Books and Supplies €50 - €100
Health Insurance €50 - €150
Miscellaneous €100 - €300
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